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One of the most useful spaces in a house is the kitchen area. Unlike the living room or the bedrooms, it’s less formal and accessible to everyone with one thing in mind; cleanliness and functionality. A kitchen’s primary use, however, revolves around the adopted appliances and their effectiveness in minimizing the house chores. Choose our kitchen appliance repair services to maintain proper working of your kitchen.

Grabbing a box of cereal with milk won’t be as fun if you have to add the dirty bowl to the pile building up on the sink. Reason? You have a broken dishwasher. A blocked garbage disposal or trash compactor will make your sink a no-go-zone for a few days and let’s not even talk about the smell.

How do we help in all this? We bring the spark back to your kitchen by restoring the broken appliances such as the dishwasher, garbage disposal, or trash compactor. You can’t keep it clean enough if the cleaning appliances aren’t working as they should. Choose our dishwasher repair and many other important services today for yourself.

Call Us For Trash Compactor Repair

Tedious kitchen tasks such as taking out the trash can be boring at times. Your trashcan may also seem to fill up faster than usual. A trash compactor helps you to minimize the trips to the curbside while dragging trash and even the amount of refuse you contribute towards the landfill.

If the trash compactor stops working, then you have to go back to the old routine of emptying trash daily. Your refusal may also increase significantly. Various issues may force you to call a professional trash compactor repair services.

When To Call a Technician for Trash Compactor Repair

Trash compactors usually produce noise when they’re compressing refuse. However, if you notice excessive noise, there’s a need to look into the issue since it may be coming from the belts, motor, or gears. Same Day Appliance Repair technicians have the right knowledge to identify the source of the problem and fix it within a short time. You can, therefore, proceed to enjoy a reduction of your waste products by 75 to 80 percent a week without ruining your eardrums.

Regular cleaning helps to eliminate bad odors from the trash compactor. A bad smell from the appliance can indicate rotten items within the ram. If you have been following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you still notice a whiff after regular cleaning, give us a call and book an appointment. We’ll find out the root cause and fix it, so you don’t reencounter an appalling smell.

If you notice that your door or drawer is not opening, check if the ram is in the right place before forcing it open. There could be broken rollers, guides, or tracks. Don’t worry if you can’t see any issue, our technicians will help detect and fix the problem.

There’s no need for using a trash compactor that won’t compress waste. One of the benefits of compressing waste is the reduction of refuse both in your trash cans and the landfills. Call us to repair the appliance that’s not compressing waste. We replace any broken parts with genuine parts under warranty.

An issue with the power system can cause the compactor to stop working in the middle of compressing refuse suddenly. We’d recommend that you don’t attempt to fix the power issue on your own. Call us to check on the fuse, circuit breaker, and power cord for any damage or wear and replace with original and warranted parts.

We Can Fix These Dryer Problems Within 24 Hours

When the dryer seems to operate normally but doesn’t seem to get the job done, then there’s an issue with the heating elements that fail to produce enough heat to dry the clothes. Although the dryer may spin and finish the cycle as needed, if the heating element is worn out, it will not emit enough heat to dry the clothes. Our team also checks on other issues that affect the heating elements such as ventilation and thermal fuse.

All dryers use a belt to spin the drying drum. Continuous use makes the belt become loose or break. Although this happens after a significant time, you’ll need a technician who can replace it with a genuine belt and pulley. We repair broken belts and replace worn-out ones with original high-quality spare belts. The process involves disassembling the appliance and putting it back together after belt replacement.

A dryer should make your laundry easy to manage and not add more work to it. When your clothes come out wrinkled, they give you extra ironing work and you may not have the time. Although our clients face this problem many times, the issue is less of a technical one. Sorting clothes before placing them in the dryer will reduce the wrinkling on the lighter fabrics.

Why You Should Call Us for Kitchen Appliance Repair

Warrantied Parts and Qualified Workmanship


It is possible to get genuine parts replaced on your kitchen appliances but still end up spending the same amount or more after the appliance breaks again. We are a team of experts that only install warrantied parts. That means you don’t have to spend the same amount when the appliance breaks again.


Upfront Pricing

Are you tired of technicians who surprise you with a bill after the work is done? We understand how surprise bills can easily throw you off-budget, so we adhere to upfront and fixed pricing before we start on the job.

Service At Your Schedule

When you make an appointment with us, you have the discretion to choose when we can fix the appliance. Our clients come first at all times. You can book an appointment with us after work, holiday, or weekend.

Do not hesitate to call us for all types of kitchen appliances such as Bosch, Samsung, Viking, Electrolux, Moffat, Pitco and many others. The trash compactor can be built-in or stand-alone, and we have the expertise to handle all dishwashing models.

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If you have an emergency appliance service contact, you’re a step ahead of most. Having a reliable technician will save you time, money, and even peace of mind.

We are a team that is sorely dedicated to making your life less stressful by responding to your calls of distress immediately. We don’t wait for reminders on appointments, and we’re never late. You can trust us with all your appliances services needs regardless of brand or model

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